PDR Finesse Tools

RR 1, Box 481A
Ava, Missouri 65608

About PDR Finesse Tools

Finesse Tool Company is the name to know for stainless steel, Paintless Dent Repair tools. Our tools are put through rigorous testing to ensure a higher quality, and are the best stainless steel tools on the market. These tools are designed by Paintless Dent Repair technicians who really know the business. Plus, each tool is individually hand-made by professional metallurgists and skilled metal craftsmen. As a finished product, our tools are polished to give them a shine and brilliance that is far superior to any other tool. If you are looking for Whale Tails, Flag Tools, Tool Sets, Changeable Tip, Shaved, or Tools By Diameter, we have the tool you need. Contact us in Ava, Missouri for quality stainless steel, paintless dent repair tools for hail chasers, autobody & mobile techs. You might also see us on the road in our mobile truck known to some as the “Candy Store”.


DentMagic Tools, Inc.

1089 Falcon Crest
Nixa, Missouri 65714

About DentMagic Tools, Inc.

Dent Magic has a vast selection of paintless dent removal tools, PDR lights, glue pullers and accessories all available for purchase online now. You can select from our quality individual tools, specialized tool sets and a host of vital accessories that will contribute to the success of your business. We urge you to compare our prices with the style and design of the tools included in our sets and you’ll see EXCEPTIONAL VALUE for the money.

Remember, we manufacture all our tools that are designed by a longtime PDR professional so you can trust our quality and durability…we guarantee it for life!


Blehm Tool Co.

1115 E. 508th Rd.
Morrisville, MO 65710

About Blehm Tool Co.

Blehm Tool Co is a family owned and operated Paintless dent removal tool Manufacturer.


Atlas Dent Tools

1134 Hwy UU
Bolivar, MO 65613

About Atlas Dent Tools

Atlas Dent Tools was founded by Lincoln Farrell. Ask him how he came up with the name Atlas for the company, and Lincoln’s answer is quick and to the point: “Atlas is a symbol of strength, endurance, and dependability,” he says, “and those are the very qualities we bring to the business of auto hail damage repair.”


A-1 Tool

1134 Highway UU
Bolivar, Missouri 65613
(417) 376-2848

About A-1 Tool

A-1 Tool is the world’s largest manufacturer of paintless dent repair tools. Browse through our inventory of quality PDR tools and paintless dent repair kits. A-1 Tool makes it easy for anyone to get started in the industry, with our wide selection of hail damage repair tools and paintless dent repair kits.

We carry the finest dent repair tools, dent removal tools, and hail damage repair tools. Shop online or contact us today to learn more about our hail damage repair tools.